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Supermarket automation

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Cash Register

Supermarket format involves a wide range of different products, comprising tens of thousands of items. According to statistics, the average supermarket shopping on larger sums than in traditional stores. Thus, the growing amount of sailed goods leads to growing of the time of service at cash registers that is why queues appear.

The objective of each supermarket is to meet the current needs of customers, bringing them lower prices for goods, loyalty systems and fast service. Automation solutions for the supermarket from «ICS-Market» allow supermarkets to position them as modern stores which offer customers the fast and comfortable service.

For the automation of cash management services and work of the shop floor in supermarket we offer flexible and customizable automated control systems of the trading process “Market+”. To automate cashier workplace "ICS-Market" company offers a wide range of trade and electronic equipment, which is most effectively solve assigned tasks of the Customer.

Depending on the specialty of the store to automate the cash room can be used:

  • Fiscal printers
  • POS-terminals
  • Cash Drawers
  • Barcode scanners (hand / desktop / embedded)
  • Currency detectors
  • Banknote counters
  • Weighing equipment

Solutions provided by "ICS-Market" to automate supermarket for many years are successfully used by retail trade leaders, including "The Veluka Kyshenya», «Novus», «Caravan", "Furshet", "ATB" and many others.


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A huge plus of Self-service stores is the fact that the buyer can take the item in hand, to consider, read the information on the label - explore the whole presentation of the goods. This contributes to a significant increase in turnover only by the psychological moment.

The work of modern supermarket is impossible to imagine without self-weight or special informational kiosks which allow making a store friendlier to the customer.

To meet the challenges on the shop floor automation in supermarket "ICS-Market" offers:

  • Solution bundle "scale-scanner" would be very effective when used in shopping the supermarket and to minimize human error when typing code of the goods on scales.
  • Solution "Mobile Printing" will automate the collection of data on the actual prices on the shelves of the shop floor, the revaluation of the goods (printing new price lists) and replacing damaged price tags for new ones.
  • Solution "Market-warehouse", working with the data collection terminals, will automate the process of inventory items in the supermarket shopping.
  • Installing the pneumatic tube at the supermarket will save time for delivery, increase staff efficiency and security when transporting money and documents, reduce human error, improve communication between distant departments of a business.
  • Solution for video surveillance will help maximize your supermarket protect against theft.
  • Implementing Wi-Fi connection in the supermarket, the retailer may engage targeted promotional campaigns for its clients, in addition, Wi-Fi connectivity allows him to collect analytical information about customers, allows him to collect and analyze information about customer behavior, the simplest example of which is the determination of the route buyer in the sales area. The use of wireless Internet access in the supermarket provides benefits not only for the ordinary buyer, but also allows for the retailer to gain customer loyalty and get detailed information on its consumer preferences.
  • A wide range of equipment from "ICS-Market", made best to solve the task by automating your supermarket with modern equipment from leading manufacturers:
  •  Scales with printing labels
  •  Self-service scales
  •  Packing equipment “hot table”
  •  Mobile Printers
  •  Data collection terminals
  •  Price-checker (electronic price indicators)
  •  Information kiosks
  •  Pneumatic tube system
  •  Cameras and video recorders
  •  Wi-Fi equipment.

Solutions provided by "ICS-Market" to automate supermarket for many years are successfully used by retail trade leaders, including "The Veluka Kyshenya», «Novus», «Caravan", "Furshet", "ATB" and many others.

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The effectiveness of the system of automation of trade is of great importance for the development of the enterprise.

To meet the challenges of automation of «back-office» in supermarket "ICS-Market" offers:

  • Solution "Market-warehouse", working with the data collection terminals, will automate inventory, distribution, receipt and shipment of goods in the warehouse.
  • WMS system will effectively control the operation of warehouse equipment and personnel. Monitor the movement of goods and loading equipment at the warehouse, schedule tasks to operational staff based on the current situation.
  • Automation of the warehouse with RFID technology without the need for manual intervention, minimizing human error and the business depends on the human factor.

A wide range of equipment from leading manufacturers will let to make best automate «back-office» in supermarket:

  • Data collection terminals
  • Barcode scanners
  • Trade scale
  • Terminal labeler
  • Printers for barcode printing.

Our customers include retailers such as Novus, ATB, Velyka Kyshenya, Auchan, Caravan, Furshet, Economy +, Digma, Soyuz, Epicenter, Novaya Liniya, Eldorado, Foxtrot, Watsons (DC Ukraine), Calvin Klein, Apple Store, Empik and many others