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s _-5Cash Register

A network format trading is growing every year and going strong. For small and Non-network stores it is harder to compete with the giants of retail. Stores in format "near home" generally are limited in space and range and they are close to the apartment blocks.

Trading process here has a number of features. Pricing, assortment, discount system - apparently, all spoke in favor of the smaller shops are doomed. But experience shows that the stores format "near home" have chance of survival.

Walking distance, a close, personal relationship among buyer and seller, the possibility is always quick to buy basic commodities - all this makes brick and mortar store an integral and necessary part of life of consumers.

For Non-network store automation - this first opportunity to ease the process of sales. The difference between small shops and retail chains is not only in the process of automation. But it is choice of different software, and commercial equipment, which is used shopkeepers of different formats.

Depending on the specialty of the store to automate the cash room can be used:

  • Automated control systems of the trading process "Market +"
  • Fiscal printers
  • POS-terminals
  • Cash Drawers
  • Barcode scanners (hand / desktop / embedded)
  • Currency detectors
  • Banknote counters
  • Weighing equipment

Using the advanced technology in the field of software and modern equipment, we will create a flexible, scalable, automated system that can meet the needs of any client.

s _-4Salesroom

Automation format stores "near home" is different from the automation of shops in other formats as well as formats themselves are different from each other. Small area of the stores as opposed to supermarkets and hypermarkets determine customer traffic, its clientele, range, turnover, the complexity of the accounting department, the number of cash registers and much more. Most of the shops format «near home» has from one to three cash places.

Format stores "near home", where bar-coding is used, use scales with the check printing to work in a store. Weighing equipment with the ability to print labels is part of the general information system and the shop has a number of advantages that allow to efficiently and effectively build a sales process.

With remote administration, you can update and supplement the data of scales in real time, without interrupting your work, which increases the speed of customer service and justify the investments of business owners. The basic requirements of shopkeepers format "near home" to choosing of hardware and software - is efficiency, reliability and functionality.

To automate the store "ICS-Market" offers solutions and equipment which have high quality and low price:

  • Solution "Mobile Printing"
  • Solution "Market-warehouse"
  • Wi-Fi solution
  • Solution for video surveillance
  • Scales with printing labels
  • Packing equipment “hot table”
  • Labelers
  • Mobile Printers
  • Data collection terminals

In the automation of stores "ICS-Market" offers enough software solutions and a wide range of electronic trading equipment to let each owner of the shop "near home" choose the best option for themselves for automation outlet.


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The effectiveness of the system of automation of trade is of great importance for the development of the enterprise.

To meet the challenges of automation of «back-office» in supermarket "ICS-Market" offers:

  • Solution "Market-warehouse", working with the data collection terminals, will automate inventory, distribution, receipt and shipment of goods in the warehouse.
  • WMS system will effectively control the operation of warehouse equipment and personnel. Monitor the movement of goods and loading equipment at the warehouse, schedule tasks to operational staff based on the current situation.
  • Automation of the warehouse with RFID technology without the need for manual intervention, minimizing human error and the business depends on the human factor.

A wide range of equipment from leading manufacturers will let to make best automate «back-office» in supermarket:

  • Data collection terminals
  • Barcode scanners
  • Trade scale
  • Terminal labeler
  • Printers for barcode printing.

Our customers include retailers such as Novus, ATB, Velyka Kyshenya, Auchan, Caravan, Furshet, Economy +, Digma, Soyuz, Epicenter, Novaya Liniya, Eldorado, Foxtrot, Watsons (DC Ukraine), Calvin Klein, Apple Store, Empik and many others