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Pharmacy Automation

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Pharmacy is not only health care facility that provides medicines to population, but also commercial, business enterprise with a complex reporting structure, the need to maintain contact with many suppliers, and the obligation to control various aspects of a specific product, which consists of drugs.

Pharmacy today are very different in size and sales starting with a small shops with a cash register to huge sales area with 5-10 POS-terminals, warehousing and production facilities.

Drugstore chains are divided into:

  • small
  • medium
  • global.

Small networks consist of 3-10 pharmacies located in the same region, the medium ones - of 20-100 retail locations covering several neighboring regions, global one have retail locations in the number of regional units, often with self-control.

The success of any pharmacy depends on the quality of accounting organization and optimization of all processes carried out in the daily life of the pharmacy.

To automate cashier workplace "ICS-Market" offers:

  • Professional pharmacy program SCARB, which is the most modern software for pharmacies and pharmacy chains in Ukraine. The program takes into account all the specifics of Ukrainian retail market, from sales and accounting features to promptly respond to the legislative pricing.
  • Fiscal printers
  • POS-terminals
  • Cash drawers
  • Barcode scanners.

Correctly done automation of pharmacy will give tangible positive results expressed in economic effect (increased sales, lower costs), as well as increase business control and transparency of business processes. Successful result of automation of the pharmacy depends on the understanding pharmacy owner’s structure of their business and goals to be achieved.


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In accordance with the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), all pharmacies carried strict consignment account, sometimes even by serial number. This provides for document circulation records materials, included in the drug-specific regulations compliance with storage.

Pharmacy automation is indispensable when it is necessary to track the batch of the defective goods and promptly withdraw it from sale.

Pharmacy automation helps solve complex of vital tasks and leads to a reduction in costs and an increase in turnover, increased sales and profits. Due to automation from the routine work processes will be freed valuable workers, it helping to resolve the issue with the staff and eliminates the need to increase staff.

Due to transparent of the underlying processes and trade, the fight against the abuse in the pharmacy network is much simpler. Full control of turnover achieved by the automation of pharmacies, will help business owners in the fight against substandard and counterfeit goods. In addition, information systems will help simplify the process of planning the procurement and distribution of goods, which will greatly facilitate the work of accounting.

For effective management of pricing, product line distribution network (including the management of Category Management), yield management, and shelf space, and to optimize the inventory and work orders, supply and directly between suppliers, we offer specialized software product «MONOLITH».

To automate business processes in a warehouse (reception, selection, shipping and rediscounting of goods), the company "ICS-Market" offers software "Market Store", which works with the data collection terminals.

Depending on the format of the warehouse and problems arising in the automation, we offer a low cost solution with the ability to perform simple tasks, and secure multifunctional devices capable of working with large databases in real time.

A wide range of "ICS-Market" equipment from leading manufacturers enables us to offer business owners the equipment that most effectively solves assigned tasks:

  • data collection terminals
  • barcode scanners
  • printers for barcode printing
  • laboratory scales
  • Labelers.

Among the clients of "ICS-Market" there are such large networks of farm-market of Ukraine as "Apteka Dobrogo Dnya", "Veluka Apteka," etc.